International Diabetes Camping Conference - 2021

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Zoom Tips & Tricks

A quick overview of some of Zoom's most used features.

In need of help during the conference?

If you are in need of assistance regarding the DECA Conference, please email: - subject line HELP

Have password issues?

You can email DECA at subject line PASSWORD.  Or feel free to text DECA at  1 (205) 729-7670 with your question.  Texting only available in the United States. 

Want to receive text updates?

You can sign up for text updates two ways:

1.) email DECA at - subject line TEXT.  Include your name and cell phone number.  Sorry, text updates are available in the United States only. 

Having Zoom log in issues?

Technology has it's glitches and while we hope that your conference experience is a smooth and easy one, we wanted you to be prepared incase issues to arise.  If you have problems accessing zoom, there are a few things you can try to help fix the issues:

 - Reset your password.

 - Log out and log back into Zoom (close out of the website/app completely, then start again.) 

 - If logging out does not fix the issue, restart your computer. 

 - As a last resort, if you are still having issues, remove Zoom from your computer and re-install the app.  

Zoom recently had an update, and it is a good idea to update the app prior to the start of the conference to fix any issues that existed in the last version of the app. 

Have a non-conference related question or comment for DECA?

Feel free to reach out with non-conference related matters to, and we'll be in touch after the conference.