The American Diabetes Association® (ADA) connects kids to adventure, to education, to mentors, to fun, and to one another through summer camps and year-round programming. Now, more than ever, we are all in this together.  ADA programming is offered throughout the year to children with diabetes as both virtual and in-person engagement, connecting kids and families to one another. All of our experiences are developed to provide opportunities for children with diabetes to forge life-long sustainable relationships, overcome feelings of isolation and gain self-confidence. ADA Camps and year-round programs invite kids and their families to become part of a community where they can thrive together.

Our program objectives are to:

  • Educate children living with diabetes, their caregivers, and healthcare professionals about diabetes management, tips and tools, and living well with diabetes
  • Engage children and their families in activities and sessions
  • Connect children with one another, reduce feelings of isolation, increase social skills, improve confidence and independence in diabetes management, and foster lifelong friendships

By connecting campers, families, staff, volunteers, and traditions across the country and around the world, ADA Camps and programs are bringing communities together like never before.

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